Okay I know we do this every finals season, and I know it gets a few notes and then is mostly ignored because nobody outside of the ADHD community cares all that much, but I care so I’m doing this now.

This is your friendly reminder that stimulant medication is technology created to help people manage a disability. It is not the crutch you use so you can get away with partying all of finals week. It is not there so that you can compensate for your own lack of priorities. If you know that you do not have ADHD, taking this medication to help you study is morally wrong and cheating. You are getting an unfair advantage.

I just overheard someone saying “I’ll just party through most of reading period, then talk to some friends and take a couple adderall and stay up all night the night before the test.”

Do you have any idea how upsetting that is? I once tried to take an extra pill of my stimulant during finals once the first wore off to help me stay up studying- I wanted the advantage you guys get when you use my medication recreationally. I went tachycardic (heart racing dangerously high), and became so anxious that I could not focus my eyes. I seriously called my dad crying because I couldn’t read the page in front of me.

Here’s the thing. Recreational use of medication—> Stricter regulations of that medication. Strict regulations of medication—> People who actually need it having a hard time getting it. Basically by using ADHD medication recreationally, you are responsible for the fact that someone with ADHD has to have a paper prescription every month to bring in. We can’t, like, have it phoned in or get a 3 month supply or have refills on the bottle. Paper script. Every month. I keep mine literally under lock and key because it’s at such a high risk of being stolen. Do you get how fucked up that is? Can you think of any other long term medication where even the paper script is likely to get stolen? 

And yes, I will hold you personally responsible. If you say things like that to me, I will hold you personally responsible for the panic I’m in when I can’t find my scripts, or the stress of having to run in to the pharmacy the day I run out and hope they have any or I’m screwed.

Non-ADHDers, I know I’m asking you to stop something you think is totally harmless. I’m trying to tell you that is harmful- it is immensely harmful. If you understand that, can you please try to call people out when they say shit like this, or do this? Because it’s really fucking exhausting to be the only one doing it. And ADHD babies, please be safe with your medication. <3

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